Niobrara Riverview

Niobrara Riverview

Grandma’s House

We call this Grandma’s house because this is where Grandma Lovejoy lived. She was the patriarch of the third generation ranch family we purchased the ranch from.  Built in the early 1930’s the house did not have rural electric power until the late 1940’s.  However, the ingenuity of the Lovejoy’s brought power earlier by use of a windmill used for power generation and glass/lead/acid batteries for energy storage.  They also had running water, by  the use of a bit more ingenuity, by having a windmill on a hill above the house and a cistern (water storage container) that provided gravity fed water to the house.  By the time we purchased the house it was hooked up to the rural electric power grid, with it’s own well and pressurized water system.  However, as a sign of holdover to earlier times, she was still using a combination gas and wood stove that we still have on display.

We don’t normally advertise Grandma’s House for rental, but occasionally use it when we have our other facilities occupied.The house is located on the Niobrara river bottom and sets adjacent to a marsh that has trumpeter swans as well as Canada geese and ducks nesting in it. Often deer or turkeys walk through the yard.

The house is a two story wood frame construction, built with lumber that was locally milled.  It has a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor.  Yes, it does have hot and cold running water and a bath/shower.  Heck we even have air conditioning.  On the second floor are three bedrooms. A walk through bedroom with three single beds.  The main bedroom (located in dormer), has a double bed with a bunk over the top and another single bed.  The other bedroom has three single beds. One of the couches in the living room is also a double hide-a-bed. The kitchen has an electric range and refrigerator and is stocked with pots and pans, dishes and silverware.  There is a TV but no satellite service, only VCR/DVD. There is also a gas grill outside and a fire ring in the yard.

If you are”NOT” looking for something fancy and don’t mind being in the “Country” this might work out for you.  Guest are given access to our other grounds use: river access, 25 acre marsh for catch and release fishing, or just hiking around.  You can also access our ice maker at our main facility.  Take a look at the following slide show to get a look at Grandma's House.

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